Butterfly effect  

Protective decorative support for yard jacuzzi. The volume is modeled in clay after which a plaster mold was taken. The final shape is made of fiberglass with pigmented gelcoat.

Made by Andrei Nistor, Ionita Augustin and Costin Niculescu 

Decorative glass panels. The composition is made of hand-cut and sandblasted glass, patinated with gold and silver foil. The panels delimit the space around the access staircase to the floor of a duplex apartment in Bucharest, Romania. 

Made by Andrei Nistor and Augustin Ioniță.


Ambient Panels'

Aspiring to open spaces, observing nature. 

"Three artists from different backgrounds, but in strong collaboration: Andrei Nistor, Augustin Ionita and Costin Niculescu withdrew from the pollution of the world in the center of Bucharest, near the statue of the Aviators and created a fairytale world, a world of story objects that can create a new universe.They used / reused existing material. But they also created new objects during the residency.The thoughts of the 3 projected a space on the border between nature and sculpture, between light and darkness, a space in which you leave room to discover new meanings of aesthetics.The exhibition can be seen as an installation as a whole, but at the same time as individual objects if you understand their purpose or source of inspiration."



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