27 Jan. - 23 Feb.  UAP Gallery, Ploiesti, RO, 2022

Andrei Nistor and Diana Lemnaru 

collage with images from exhibitions

 "Oceans Of Love" International contemporary jewelry exhibition, at @place_of_display in Bucharest, Romania, Popa Nan no.15 September 22nd-October 02nd, 2020

"Spontan" - personal exhibition - painting, UAP Ploiești RO - 2020

"An Overwhelming Experience: The Human - Earth Relationship"  online group exhibition  -  d | a | c  art space Miami, Fl .  July 23rd  until September 24th, 2020

"The first exhibition after ..." - group exhibition - UAP Ploiești RO 2020

"Spring Salon" - group exhibition - UAP Ploiești, RO 2020

"Watercolor Salon" - group exhibition - UAP Ploiești, RO 2020

"Portreaits From The Precipice" Octopus' Energy's bilboard  exhibition (world's largest exhibition of climate crisis art) across  the UK, 2019.

"Beings and Objects" - group exhibition - painting - Artfooly  Gallery, Bucharest, 2016.

"Space Color"  - Plantelor 47 ', Bucharest, 2015

"VIZIONNATURA" - Gallery IX - Bucharest, 2014.

"Contempora"  painting - Alchemy, Bucharest, RO, 2013.

"La Obiect 2 de iluminat" -  lighting design - Spazio Studio 

 Bucharest, 2010 

"ICSID world Industrial Design Day" group exhibition - Bucharest, 2008.

Industrial Design Workshop (clocks ’and watches design) with

Nicolas Ciuchindel, senior watch designer at Channel (France) Bucharest, 2008.

"Atelier 35 Gallery" - design / stencils, Bucharest,  2007.

"Memorial House - George Enescu", Painting, Sinaia, 2003 - 2004

"Brukenthal National Museum" - graphics, Sibiu, RO 2003



U.S. Virtual Launch Event Art in Conversation

The event is being organized by Art in Conversation with the support of the Romanian Embassy to the U.S., Romanian Cultural Institute in New York, Consul General of Romania in LA, Cosmin Dumitrescu, PhD., RACC- LA Chapter, EuroAtlantic Business Club Sibiu, Romanians of DC, Bucharest Inside the Beltway, and See Beyond. 

Invited artists ART IN CONVERSATION 

Mari Calai - https://bit.ly/2WLbm1U 

Andrei Nistor - https://bit.ly/3kMpFM6 

Diana Lemnaru - https://bit.ly/2Vdzcm3 

Nora Blaj https://bit.ly/3mSGSWR

Florin Bejinari - https://bit.ly/3mJTRKx

ABOUT THE ART SHOW, VENUE, LIVE PROGRAMMOON ART is an international, curated art fair focused on all disciplines of contemporary art.Artists,

MOON ART HAMBURG 2021,  October 29 - 31ARTWORKS FROM THE TWILIGHT.Drifting between dream and nightmare, desire and drama.

 group show  -  UAP Ploiesti, RO 2021

L    I    B    E    R    A 

Current   exhibitions


Oil painting on canvas



The gift of Sentiment is priceless. It holds within it friendship, nostalgia and love.  This collection truly captures these emotions through the medium of art. By creating and dividing into pieces this stunning artwork delivers a truly amazing bond between family, friends, and fellow art lovers alike. The receiver of this limited edition unique collectible piece of art will forever be joined to a special group of individuals fortunate to become a part of the Sentiment vision and journey from dream to reality Connecting  This Sentimental journey has already begun. Celebrities, Actors, World-famous musicians, Sports personalities, Designers and Art lovers have begun to connect and  already hold a piece of this Sentimental story having a real and true understanding of human connection through this medium. There is no truer gift than the gift of 'Sentiment'.  Every piece is individually signed and numbered.

1/1000 Andrei Nistor - Sentiment collection

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1/1000 piece in the iconic jigsaw shape taken from the canvas of Andrei's artwork titled 'Feelings in Vortex'

Each piece is mounted on a 24 carat gold leaf base with a thread of gold running through symbolising a connection with all the pieces in this artwork and and all the artists in the collection.

Signed, numbered and framed in a simple black shadow box frame 12cmsq. A copy of the whole image is printed and inserted into the back of the frame with details of the artist.