‘Changing World‘ _ oil on canvas _ 150x150cm.

‘The birth of the bird‘oil and acrylic on canvas 200x100cm

‘Feelings in Vortex ‘ oil on canvas 200x80cm.

‘OrganicA‘ _ acrylic on canvas _ 100x100cm.

'Reburn'  oil on canvas _ 160x70cm.

'Retrieval'  oil on canvas _ 160x70cm.

    “MONUMENTALa approaches the duality of reality - during the stage, Andrei Nistor has represented small natural, dynamic processes. Events that we go through far too easily are found in this artistic proposal in a way that turns every work into a monumental approach.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Andrei Dumitrescu, art curator

M O N U M E N T A L a