‘Nautilus’ _ oil on canvas _ 50x60cm.

‘In the depths’ _ oil on canvas _ 60x60cm.

‘Jellyfish VII _ oil and acrylic on canvas _ 100x70cm.

‘Jellyfish V _ oil on canvas _ 110x80cm.

‘Jellyfish IV _ oil and acrylic on canvas _ 110x80cm.

‘Jellyfish III’ _ oil on canvas _ 60x60cm.

‘JellyfishI’ _ oil on canvas _ 110x80cm.

‘Withe jellyfishI’ _ oil on canvas _ 100x70cm.

‘Jellyfish II’ _ oil on canvas _ 50x60cm.

‘Jellyfish VI‘ _ oil on canvas _ 110x80cm.

T H E  D E P H T S 

    “The amniotic fluid and the environment it occupies were the basis of the ideas that support The Depths. Where only the attempts of daring researchers have succeeded, in the depths of the oceans, the expression of a valuable ecosystem takes place for the protection of which we do not put enough effort. At the border between the known and the unknown, between light and darkness, between life and birth, are now these artistic manifestations that ensure the intimate moments of the sea of continuity. We can look into the depths of this vast marine environment based on the intuition and technical mastery of these works.”


Andrei Dumitrescu, art curator